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Emma and Andy Wedding Story from Real Star Media on Vimeo.

Before moving back to Chicago for good, Emma’s wish was to have a dumpling on the East River date again She really loved that date, but they never had the chance. Unknown to her, Andy was planning to re-create that special date again by the river After a delicious and nostalgic dinner with a take out Chinese food on a bench overlooking the beautiful East River, Andy proposed to her.
Music used licensed via Marmoset

Steve loves sports and Kim loves tranquility . They are opposite but they are perfect match for each other because they balance each other out. He’s the legs and she’s the wings just like their chicken wings. // Photo Credits: Jiho Park

PHOTOGRAPHER: Lilly Photography
EVENT PLANNER: Weddings By Karolina
DJ: An Enchanted Evening
MUSIC: I Will Follow You by Rivvrs. Used with permission from the artist. You can download his CD at iTunes at and at his website at

The laptop played an important role on their love story. It was thru this when Charise brought the broken laptop to Circuity City to get fixed and this is how he met Kevin. Witness the story of Charise + Kevin, and their loving families.

Ceremony: Our Lady of Ransom
Photography: Chasing Stills
Makeup Artist: Crizen Hasegawa
DJ: Remix Entairtainment
Music: Music Licensed via The MusicBed

Rodessa and Johnny have known each other for a while and they became closer and closer as time goes by until they realized that they are the one for each other. Not only that, Rodessa is a huge fan of Filipino romantic movies , that’s why it’s a fitting tribute to use one of the classic Filipino love songs, Closer You and I.

CEREMONY/RECEPTION: The Stonegate Conference & Banquet Centre
PHOTOGRAPHER: G. Reyes Photography
EVENT PLANNER: Lil Epic Event Design
DJ: Momentz Productions

His life is surrounded by music, Hers is Hello Kitty. They were raised to a different culture and background but realized that all the different path they were taking still lead them to one singular road. Two worlds, one undivided story.

RECEPTION: Meridian Banquet
PHOTOGRAPHER: Christopher Kim Photography
DJ: Remix Entairtainment, Inc.
MUSIC: “Feel Again” by One Republic licensed through The SongFreedom

This is the story of Aer and Yong and their Captain Morgan Family. Together with their friends, they bonded over The Captain Morgan drink for years, and that’s why it plays an important role in their wedding film. Not only that, Aer is the only daughter out of 5 siblings. It’s fitting to give her the proper send off – and that is by doing her makeup!

RECEPTION: Navy Pier // Crystal Garden
PHOTOGRAPHER: Roland Gozun Photography

This film was a special one for Real Star Media because of Stacy & J.C’s walking dead theme save the date, and their enjoyable style during the production shoot. Stacy & J.C were exactly the kind of couple we love working with and really excited about our films.

Stacy & J.C’s have known each other for 11 years. They met the first day of Freshman year at Loyola Academy in August 2002 and started off as high school classmates, . But as the years went on, their pictures of what love looked like started to fill in. Much like the final image of their wedding films.

January 2003 he asked her out because he knew from the time that their eyes locked in on that first meeting, she was the one for him- the rest is history.

We had the pleasure of filming alongside with George Street Photographer Thomas Pham. Also, we had a wonderful time working with Chyrell Banias of Lil Epic Event Design.

Congratulations to Stacy & J.C! You guys are wonderful and we’re extremely honored that you chose us to make this film. Best wishes always!

CEREMONY: Queen of All Saints Basilica
RECEPTION: Hotel Intercontinental Chicago O’Hare
EVENT PLANNER: Lil Epic Event Design
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Nina Marie Ottolino
DJ: Aris Topacio
Music: “Always been you” by Marie Hines licensed through The Music Bed

Chantal and JJ were supposed to get married 3 years ago, but Alpha came into their lives. In this video, it’s no longer about Chantal and JJ. It’s about the family. Alpha is now the center of their lives. With all the love they have, their family will not fail because the love of God never fails.

CEREMONY: North Northfield United Methodist Church
RECEPTION: Hilton Chicago/Northbrook Hotel
PHOTOGRAPHER: GReyes Photography
DJ: Richie Gil (Partymaster/FunkyDragon Production)

When we met Bobby and Carla for the first time, we knew the wedding was going to be fun! Even better, when we met their families, they were very warm and welcoming. They even treated us like their family. The love of their families is the most important thing to Bobby and Carla, as evidenced on their wedding film. It is so nice to witness two families joining together! They are perfect for each other.

You can download the music via iTunes

Every day is a perfect day to show someone just how much you love them, and we know Skype can play a big role in connecting you with that special person you care a lot about. Regardless if you use Skype for sending instant messages, making calls from your mobile phone, having a video call on your desktop, or sending texts (SMS), Skype has a way of making it so much easier for you to share a laugh, blow kisses, or even shed a tear with someone you love. ~ Shana Pearlman

In developing a storytelling form for their SDE film, we wanted to really bring about the theme of their long distance relationship – Skype plays a big role to Paula who lives in Chicago while Myke served in the United States Air Force (USAF) based in New Mexico.

Paula & Mike were exactly the kind of couple we love working with; they were chill, fun to work with, and willing to spend time to make their wedding films a memorable one.

Maybe it was the weather or it was their amazing family and friends, or maybe it was the joy of their love; but Paula & Mike’s wedding was definitely special. These two are not only extraordinarily charming people, but the way they interact with each other is the most playful and fun-loving we’ve seen.

Congratulation to Paula & Mike! Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful. We were honored to be part of it! Without further ado, here is the SDE last night!

Ceremony: St. Patrick Parish
Venue: Midlane Championship Golf Resort
DJ: Kidron Music & Entertainment
Photographer: Jolie Images
Music: Bring Me The Night by Sam Tsui and Kinna Grannis, You can download it via iTunes

Sarah and Tim // Citi Winery Chicago from Real Star Media on Vimeo.

This film is one of the reason why I love what I do, to tell an intimate story of the couple. Every aspect of this wedding- you could feel the love, warmth and caring from every speech & toast that the family & friend’s made. All I need to do is to unobtrusively document each moment, capturing the essence and emotions of the day.

The first thing I always notice is the excitement you see on Sarah & Tim’s face in pretty much every moment of the ceremony. Sarah & Tim’s wedding had some heartfelt vows that had made everyone in tears. When they were standing in front of their family and friends, looking into each other’s eyes, you could feel the love and emotion flowing from their hearts. I’m proud to have been there to capture that moment.

I also had the opportunity to work with my good friends Gilbert, Fidel and Karina (GReyes Photography), love those people. Check out their work.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the wedding of Sarah & Tim

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